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融聚行業力量 精耕浙江 輻射全國 為客戶創造更卓越的價值


1sss.jpg    bet官网 bet 從2001年創立以來成功入選“中國房bet 營銷代理100強企業”和“中國營銷策劃50強企業”,隨著企業發展需要,在2018年成立了bet官网集团 ,形成了bet 開發、bet 代理、bet 租賃、bet 基金、bet 裝修、產業招商為一體的集團化運營模式,集團致力于成長為中國最具影響力房bet 全產業鏈服務商。

創立以來,bet开户 走過了近20年輝煌的奮斗之路。bet开户 一直秉承“以人為本、以誠取信、合作共贏、服務社會”的經營理念,這也是集團核心價值觀所在。


Taihe Real Estate has been successfully selected as "Top 100 Enterprises of China Real Estate Marketing Agency" and "Top 50 Enterprises of China Marketing Planning" since its establishment in 2001. With the development needs of enterprises, Taihe Shenghong Group was established in 2018, which has formed real estate development, real estate agent, real estate lease, real estate fund, real estate decoration and industrial investment. The Group is committed to growing into the most influential real estate industry chain service provider in China.

Since its establishment, we have gone through nearly 20 years of brilliant struggle. We have been adhering to the "people-oriented, honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation, social service" business philosophy, which is also the core values of the group.

Look to the future and strive hard.

bet官网集团 董事長
 Chairman of Taihe Shenghong Group

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